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There are many volunteer opportunities at the Mercy Food Bank. We have positions available in a variety of fields to suit most interests’ and time availability. You or your group can volunteer in the office, warehouse, or in the community.

Rescuing The Harvest

North American farmers yield a bountiful harvest every year, and there is always excess product available for the needy. The question is how does it get into the hands of the poor, those without food and the homeless? It’s through the Mercy Food Distribution Program.


When you donate to Mercy Food Bank, every dollar you send is put to work. For example, we are in constantly in need of trucking services and other operating items, that can only be paid for through donations.

Calendar of Events!

Mercy Food Bank is constantly doing something in the community. Join our Mailing List and we will send you our newsletter with updates of what's happening in the community. Mercy Food Bank's goal is to let everyone know of the tremendous needs that are present in our home towns, and give opportunities for people to get involved. It's a shame that people go hungry all over the world. But we can be part of the solution. We can start at home and help those all around us. Won't you give us a hand? Together we can fight hunger and poverty.

From food drives to different events and fundraisers, Mercy Food Bank is continually at work meeting the needs.